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Ines Reingold-Tali alias INEZ

INES REINGOLD-TALI alias INEZ is a Finnish-Estonian artist, composer and performer, who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. She has received her Master of Arts degree in Finland and currently doing her Philosophy Doctorate research work.


Ines Reingold-Tali has been engaged in different audio-visual art projects in the fields of digital art, video art, animation, electro-acoustic music, drama, poetry, light-art, performance, theatre, short films and radio-art. Her compositions have been broadcast on various international radio stations and television channels.


Ines Reingold-Tali has been nominated and selected to participate in various international festivals, exhibitions and conferences, e.g. Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze 2007 in Italy, LACDA International Juried Competition Winners Show (award) at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Art in the USA 2007, 30e Festival International des Musiques Synthèse 2000 in France and international conferences on musicology, among others.


Ines Reingold-Tali is an innovative artist, who merges abstract symbolic visual imagery, musical structures, expressionist energy and computer technology in her art. Her latest Integrative Digital Art and New Media Art projects are fusion of colourful visuals, music and video art – experimental voyages into mysterious and surrealistic worlds. She prefers an abstract way to express an intuitive meaning of philosophical concepts and emotions.

"As an artist, I am fascinated by the way contemporary post-digital society balances sci-fi, hi-tech, fantasy, dreams and humanity."


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